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Building Tomorrow, Valuing Today

Vollmer Real Estate Developments is commitment to future growth through strategic development and an equal emphasis on the value of client relationships and current investments!

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Vollmer Real Estate Developments specializes in developing upscale residential townhome communities in premier locations throughout the Tampa Bay Area (Sarasota, St Petersburg and Tampa). Additionally, we are dedicated to the construction of modern luxury single-family homes within the Florida market and medium-sized (60-250 units) apartment developments in growing markets within the Sun Belt Regions.

Current Projects

Sunset Palms Town House
Address: 375 13th Street N, St Petersburg FL 33705
Project Details: 5 Upscale Fee Simple Townhomes in Downtown St Petersburg
Price per Unit: $986k
  • 3 Stories, 2 car garage, 3 bedroom and 3.5 bathrooms
  • 1950 SF (Heated)
  • Accessible Rooftop with outside kitchen
  • Upscale Modern Interior Finishes
To be completed in Q1 of 2025.
Historic Kenwood Townhomes
Address: Address: 2168 9th Ave N, St Petersburg FL 33713
Project Details: 5 Upscale Fee Simple Townhomes in Historic Kenwood (Downtown St Petersburg)
Price per Unit: $909k
  • 3 Stories, 2 car garage, 3 bedroom and 3.5 bathrooms
  • 2050 SF (Heated)
  • Accessible Rooftop with view over Kenwood District
  • Upscale Modern Interior Finishes
To be completed in Q2 of 2025
Rosemary Townhome Development
Address: 1425 8th Street Sarasota FL 34236 / 1442 9th Street, Sarasota FL 34236 / 1434 9th Street, Sarasota FL 34236
Project Details: 22 Upscale Fee Simple Townhomes in the Rosemary District of Downtown Sarasota
Price per Unit: $850k Unit Type A, $899k Unit Type B, $935k Unit Type C, $945k Unit Type D
  • 3 Stories, 1 and 2 car garage, 2 and 3 bedroom layouts
  • 1600 -1950 SF (Heated)
  • Accessible Rooftop with view over Downtown Sarasota
  • Upscale Modern Interior Finishes
To be completed in Q2 of 2026
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Our Real Estate Acquisition and Development Process

01 Market Analysis

Our strategic development begins with an incisive market analysis, identifying locations with significant future potential, robust demand, and limited inventory. This ensures that our projects are positioned for success from the outset.

02 Strategic Acquisition

In our targeted areas, we meticulously assess zoning regulations to pinpoint the optimal parcels. Criteria such as zoning compatibility, parcel size, street frontage, and access for traffic, alongside anticipated future developments, guide our selection. Upon identifying suitable lots, we engage in proactive outreach to acquire these parcels, negotiating favorable terms with potential sellers.

03 Feasibility Study

Upon securing properties, we conduct an exhaustive feasibility study that encompasses ordering surveys, geotechnical reports, environmental and traffic studies. Our civil engineers then draft a preliminary site plan while our architects conceptualize the building design. We initiate pre-application meetings with local authorities, obtain broker opinions, appraisals, and formulate preliminary construction budgets. If the project's viability is confirmed, we proceed to finalize the acquisition.

04 Entitlement

Our expert team, consisting of seasoned architects, civil engineers, and land use consultants, is dedicated to designing premier-quality units with optimal layouts to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction. We prioritize excellence in every aspect of our designs, reflecting our commitment to our clients' contentment.

05 Funding

We collaborate with a diverse range of local and nationwide construction lenders to secure the most favorable terms for our development projects. To fund the required equity, we engage our investor pool, offering attractive returns on each project. If you are interested in learning more about our return structures and potential investment opportunities, please contact us to arrange a discussion.

06 Construction

Our in-house construction team oversees every phase of the building process, emphasizing superior quality without compromise. We invest substantial effort and resources in obtaining the right personnel for permitting and design phases, ensuring a seamless transition to the completion of our units without any foreseeable complications.

07 Selling

Our integrated sales team is adept at not only selling units but also in understanding the nuances of construction, enabling them to address all client inquiries effectively. We craft bespoke websites that mirror the quality of our developments, and our marketing strategies extend beyond the MLS. We leverage local media outlets and diverse digital platforms to maximize exposure and achieve sales that meet or exceed our target rates. Our commitment to distinctive design and astute marketing sets us apart in a competitive landscape.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Kudos to Max...

Had a lot in Oregon that was part of my mother and step-dad's estate. Tried selling several times over a number of years with no luck. The transaction with Vollmer Real Estate went smoothly and I received what I believe was a fair price for the property. At least, I was able to get out from under it. Kudos to Max.

Rick Harrison

Best Customer Support...

5 STARS!! It has been a very smooth, awesome experience working with you guys!! I have worked with other realtors before but then tried to work with Max and Kaitlin and it was honestly the best decision i've made!! I asked a lot of questions and they were very responsive even after working hours!! Selling my property with them has been FAST and we immediately had a good relationship!! Closed faster than ever not to mention grear customer service!!

Camille Ledda

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